If you find yourself asking these two questions, you’re not alone:

  1. Have I saved enough for financial independence?
  2. Will my assets provide sustainable income for my goals?

Having the answers to these questions and understanding how your assets work together will help you find confidence in your financial future.

Whether you’re the owner of a business, or the beneficiary to an inheritance, Legacy can help you live the life you’ve always imagined.

How We Help You as an Individual

We develop an appropriate Investment Allocation Strategy to align with your risk profile and Financial Independence objectives.

How We Help You as a Business Owner

For those who own a business, the value of a business directly affects the overall financial independence of the owner. Extracting optimal value from the business takes careful planning.

  1. We determine your company value & evaluate your growth models.
  2. We assess the Owner/Leadership Team’s Financial Independence, and we prepare a snapshot summarizing the current status against future goals.
  3. We plan for owner exit, contingency, & succession strategies.
  4. We prepare those responsible for the success of your business with Leadership Team Development & Retention Strategies.

Steps to Your Customized Solution

  1. Have a conversation with us.
  2. Examine your Financial Snapshots.
  3. Create a customized plan for execution.

We know what it's like to experience all types of risk.

We have seen how proper risk management enables participants to navigate all areas of risk so that they stay on the right path.

To get started, schedule a call with us today!