The 3-Win Approach

The ability to plan for and manage successful Business Growth and Owner Transition is critical to the sustainability of your business and the legacy you’ve built. We help you leave your company in a strong position by acknowledging potential vulnerabilities and building intentional safeguards to reduce them.

Our approach to Business Growth and Owner Transition is to design a custom plan that supports the Shareholder Win, Corporate Win, and Key-Leader Win (The 3 Wins).

The challenge has been that traditional financial services tend to focus exclusively on the Shareholder Win without considering how company performance and employee success are also integral for owners to achieve their highest financial goals.

By defining the wins for each of the three stakeholders below, we’ll help you build an effective transition plan that will produce financial results for the company, achieve growth targets, and incent and retain your key leaders.

The 3 Wins

Shareholder Wins | How we help you

We help you define what you will need to be financially independent and how the corporation will help you achieve those goals.

  • Shareholder Financial Independence Determine your desired age for financial independence, the cost of your lifestyle goals and charitable giving, and the estimated income from your available assets at retirement.
  • Short Term Transition Planning Limit the risk of key leader loss due to an unexpected death or disability, secure funding to protect against it, plan for transfer of shares, and create a delegation strategy.
  • Long-Term Transition Planning Determine future equity realization and exit options for the owner, as well as develop, incent and retain a key leadership group.

Corporate Wins | How we help you

We help you establish a template to begin defining the reinvestment allocations necessary to fund the shareholder win and support the key leader win.

  • 5-Year Growth Plan Verify accuracy of current financials and determine appropriate and realistic growth targets while testing different scenarios for both corporate viability and shared wins.
  • Earnings Before Interest and Taxes Budget (EBIT) Establish a budget for allocating earnings in a way that everybody wins. (taxes, growth capital, cash reserves, distributions, long-term incentive plans).
  • Long-Term Incentive Planning (LTIP) Allow leaders to participate in the success they’ve helped create while ensuring the plan is designed to support both the shareholder and corporate wins.

Key Leader Wins | How we help you

We help you design a long-term incentive plan so your key leaders can participate in the corporate success they’ve helped create.

  • Key Leader Financial Independence Define the potential for achieving a desired level of financial independence by a certain age.
  • Base Compensation and Bonuses Rather than offering discretionary cash bonuses on a whim, we recommend being more strategic to ensure they’re performance-based and aligned with the Company and Shareholder Wins.
  • Fulfilling Life Calling Encourage engagement in the personal goals of your key leaders by designing a long-term incentive plan to help meet their financial objectives and lifestyle goals.


The Bottom Line

The Shareholder, Corporate, and Key Leader “Wins” must be balanced. A balanced approach promotes the best opportunity for long-term sustainable success for your family, your company and your key people. To learn more about our “3-Win” approach, contact us to schedule a commitment-free discovery session with one of our team members.

Want a little more detail?

Because each “win” cannot be achieved at the expense of another, it's important to understand our primary focus of each component within their respective win. Of course, for more detailed information, or when you’re ready to hone your competitive advantage, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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