Strong and virtuous leadership teams are required for businesses to succeed to the next generation.

Do you find yourself wondering…?

  • How can we create a culture of trust and accountability that attracts—and keeps—the best people?
  • What will it take to ensure our company has a sustainable competitive advantage?

For years, we wrestled with questions like these. Then, a few years ago, the answers became clear to us when we discovered “The Great 8” Leadership Virtues. When put into practice, these eight virtues can transform not only the leader—but also the entire company.



How We Help You

Our WHY+8+4 process involves 8 leadership team development workshops that teach teams how to implement the virtues in a continued, sustainable way. The workshops are designed to develop these 3 Building Blocks into your organization:

Building BlocksVirtue Workshops
Team Engagement
  1. Humility
    Leadership Team Role Clarity
  2. Empathy
    Most Important Tasks
  3. Attentiveness
    Owner-mindedness / Line of Sight
  4. Accountability
    Performance Evaluations
Company Communication
  1. Acceptance
    Personality / Leadership Styles
  2. Integrity
    Communication Styles
  3. Peacemaking
    Conflict Management and Resolution
Strategy & Vision
  1. Courage
    Strategic Planning with 4 Business Questions

Team Engagement

Leadership Team Role Clarity

Each team has roles. Often a team member’s actual role may not be their optimal role. This creates dysfunction in your team. We help you clarify your teams’ optimal roles.

Most Important Tasks

Each role in an organization should have MITS - tasks that must be done on a weekly basis in order for the organization to achieve its vision. We help you identify these MITS.

Line of Sight, Owner-Mindedness

Leadership teams often struggle with the question, “Where are we going?” We help you set the goal and build the strategy, so each person on your team can develop a clear line of sight.

Accountable to the Strategic Vision

The next step is to verify success on an individual basis. We help you develop performance evaluations to offer the opportunity for strategic interaction between the leader and the team.

Company Communication

Personality / Leadership Styles

Each team member is unique as an individual with their own personality and leadership style. The teams that understand each other well have the best opportunity to succeed together. We help teams discover the unique personality types and leadership styles of others on the team. By promoting the virtue of acceptance, you are able to accept those around you for who they are, which will in turn create a healthy culture.

Communication Styles

When a team learns how to communicate well with one another, there is a lower risk of losing momentum. Ideas and concepts are developed, processed and implemented more efficiently, and confusion around strategy is greatly reduced. Each person communicates differently – what they hear, how they listen – and coming together to a collective understanding is the challenge. We help teams understand the communication styles represented on the team and how to best communicates with one another.

Conflict Management and Resolution

Before good ideas can be developed and implemented, healthy conflict typically occurs. Teams that can embrace this concept, knowing that can lead to bigger and better ideas, are more willing to understand the value of healthy conflict and achieve more. Healthy conflict requires trust, patience, awareness, and authenticity, resulting in an overall stronger team. We help teams understand conflict and give them the tools to use conflict to achieve success in their company.

Strategy and Vision

Answering the 4 Business Questions

There is a direct correlation between adherence to the virtues and improved financial performance. By answering 4 Big Business Questions, we will help you uncover specific steps for how to apply the virtues to produce amazing financial results!

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