The Great 8 Book
09 / 23 / 16

The Great 8: A New Paradigm for Leadership

Why is a new paradigm for leadership needed for our time?

How can you create a culture that will attract and retain exceptional people?

What are the 8 keys to creating a sustainable competitive advantage in your company?

This new paradigm for leadership is not about tactics to get people to do what you want them to do; it is about a leadership strategy where business leaders, like you, can tap into eight timeless virtues — the "Great 8" — to expand their influence and position their companies for long-term success.

But for every virtue, there is a vice - and all it takes is one vice to bring down a leader (or even an entire team). The Great 8 will teach you how to deploy all eight virtues to defend against the vices, so you can build an organizational culture that attracts (and keeps) the best talent.

Author J. David Harper, Jr. is President and CEO of Legacy Advisory Partners in Atlanta, Georgia. In The Great 8, Harper takes the leadership lessons he's learned from business and life to provide you with a roadmap on how you can win the ongoing battle between virtue and vice— to become a leader of greater influence and impact.