09 / 23 / 16

Praus: A Parable for Winning the War Within

Consider the war that wages in our hearts and minds as leaders: Do I compromise my principles to get ahead?

Do I avoid taking a stand on something I believe in because I’m afraid of potential loss?

Do I treat people I care about in a way that undermines trust and respect?

Why does my life feel so out of balance and out of control right now?

As leaders, these feelings of inner conflict and guilt, if left unresolved, erode our effectiveness and ultimately diminish our legacy. And that’s why Praus (prah-oos) was written. In Praus, Jack Palmer's inner turmoil is much like what we experience in leadership in business and in life. And it takes Jack coming face-to-face with his older, wiser self to lead him to the timeless truths — the “Great 8” Legacy virtues — that help him win the war within and discover the peace and renewed sense of purpose he’s been looking for. Derived from ancient Greece, “praus” is a military term used to describe the resolute focus and discipline of a powerful war horse, trained to obey every command of its rider, no matter how great the confusion of battle. Praus is also a metaphor for how we can harness great strength through virtue, so that we can achieve lasting peace within and be free to fulfill our highest potential as leaders.