Post-Corona Lockdown: What to Consider as You Reopen Your Business
06 / 30 / 20

Post-Corona Lockdown: What to Consider as You Reopen Your Business

In the latest episode of The 3 Wins podcast, we talk about what to consider as businesses reopen after several weeks of a nationwide shutdown from the coronavirus.

The challenge right now is that not all states—or even counties and municipalities within each state—are on the same reopen schedule. And there are a wide range of rules and guidelines in effect, depending on where you’re located.

Then there are the issues of safety and employee concerns about returning to work.

As a business owner, what should you be thinking about right now to help make this transition back to work as smooth as possible for your employees and your company?

What are the potential pitfalls to avoid?

We tackle these questions and more.

And we also have bonus content at the end of this episode that you will NOT want to miss!

I sit down with Atlanta employment attorney, Amanda Farahany, managing partner of Barrett & Farahany, one of the top employment law firms in Georgia, as we talk about what you should keep in mind--from a legal perspective--as you start to bring back your employees.

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In the meantime, here’s the key takeaway from Episode 4...

Key Takeaway: Post-Corona Lockdown Checklist for Business Owners

What should you be thinking about as you reopen your business to make the transition as smooth and safe as possible?

Keep this 5-point checklist in mind.

1. Work remote or onsite?

When you reopen, which workers should stay remote? Which employees, because of the nature of their role, would you need to bring back to the office?

2. Performance evaluation

What adjustments do you need to make to your employee performance metrics—especially for those who recently transitioned to working remotely (and will continue to do so)—to ensure accurate and fair assessments?

3. Risk management/ legal exposure

What policies and procedures should you put in place to promote safe work practices in light of COVID-19? How should you respond if there are new cases among employees? And what should you be thinking about from a legal
perspective to minimize exposure?

Go to 40:25 for the segment that features Amanda Farahany with the Atlanta employment law firm, Barrett & Farahany.

4. Business contingency/ continuity planning

If there is a surge of new COVID cases that impact your workforce, what adjustments would you need to make in your operations to be able to continue to serve your customers?

5. Empathy & patience

Are you investing the time it takes to communicate with your team with empathy and patience—to understand their concerns and collaborate with them to develop the best path forward for the company?

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About the Author: Russell Clemmer is president of Legacy Advisory Partners, an Atlanta, Georgia-based firm that helps companies across the nation to build strong leadership teams—and keep them.

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