Perception vs. Reality: The Leadership Team 360 Interview
02 / 24 / 22

Perception vs. Reality: The Leadership Team 360 Interview

In Episode 25 of The 3 Wins Podcast, I go solo to share with you a powerful tool Legacy uses to help business owners narrow the gap between perception and reality when it comes to knowing what their leadership team really thinks about their company.

That tool is the Leadership Team 360 interview that helps focus your attention on critical areas that need improvement in communication, motivation, and collaboration—to create an environment where your key leaders love to work.

(Access sample interview questions here.)

After all, when your people love where they work and feel appreciated for their performance, that enthusiasm becomes infectious, which raises their energy level and creates a culture that attracts the best talent and the most profitable customers.

At Legacy, we call this dynamic the “Collaboration Effect on Profit.”

So, how can you reduce your blind spots with your leadership team and start creating the Collaboration Effect on Profit in your own business?

Watch the full episode here. And below are three significant takeaways from the episode for easy reference.

(Watch Episode 25)

3 Big Takeaways from Episode 25

1. Develop a high level of collaboration among your leadership team to strengthen your competitive advantage.

What sets a business apart? In most cases, it’s your leadership team incentivized to work together toward a shared vision. Everybody around the table should know their role to contribute to the company’s success.

2. Ask questions that narrow the perception gap between you and your key leaders.

Here are some example questions.

3. Create a culture where your key leaders feel safe to collaborate and are rewarded for their contribution to the company’s success.

When we're talking about key leaders, there are three different options.

They either love what they do, and they have a great place to do it at your company.

Or, they leave and go somewhere else and work for a competitor or start their own company.

Or they have family reasons to leave. And that’s different, right? You can't control family situations.

But there are some things you can control, specifically with the second option. And that’s when they leave to do the same thing someplace else where they're going to be more appreciated, or the culture is calmer and more reliable and dependable.

The key here is to create a culture that leads to the first option, where you provide a place where they can bring their skills and talents to the table to contribute to a winning team—and be rewarded for playing their part successfully.

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About the Author: Russell Clemmer is president of Legacy Advisory Partners, an Atlanta, Georgia-based financial services firm that believes that the key to unlocking your company’s full growth potential can be found in The 3 Wins Framework.

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