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05 / 24 / 22

How Great Leaders 'Rethink Work'

In Episode 27 of The 3 Wins Podcast, I sat down with Doug Hurley, the founder and CEO at RethinkWork. This consulting and coaching firm helps organizations attract and keep the best people, build and develop high-performing teams, and accelerate their results.

Doug doesn’t talk about leadership from an academic or theoretical perspective; he lives it out.

He’s a battle-tested Special Operations soldier, officer, and pilot who deployed to Afghanistan/Iraq multiple times, resulting in several combat medals with valor.

He’s an experienced pastor providing coaching, mentoring, motivation, and direction to small group leaders and marketplace lay leaders to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

And today, he’s a business owner, consultant, and coach who inspires business leaders to become the best leader they can be—guiding them to fully integrate their work and faith—to help them create a transformational impact on their career and workplace.

You don’t want to miss this episode as Doug unpacks what it means to “rethink work” in the context of leadership, faith, and entrepreneurship.

Watch the full episode here. And below are four key takeaways from the episode for easy reference.

(Watch Episode 27)

Episode Highlights

Here are a few highlights from Episode 27 with Doug Hurley:

1. If you’re not leading yourself well, you can’t lead others well.

“After spending 12 years of active duty in the military, as an officer and as a leader, I jumped into the business world and thought I was a pretty good leader. But the longer I spent leading people and leading teams, the more I realized I didn't know myself as well as I thought I did. And that meant I wasn't leading myself as well as I could have doing. If you're not leading yourself well, you can't really lead other people well.”

2. If you’re not hitting your targets, don’t assume the reason why; dig deep to diagnose the real issues in your company.

“When we conduct an audit, we'll look at a handful of things. We'll look at the communication that's going on within the organization. We'll look at, ‘Is there alignment within the organization?’ We'll look at, ‘What are the relationships? Do people enjoy working with each other?’ We'll look at the execution that's happening. Are you executing on the goals and the plan that you have? Do you even have a business plan? Because 50% of businesses don't even have a business plan. That sounds baffling, but the data shows that's true. And then capacity: Do you have the capacity as a team to do what you want to do in the work you want to accomplish?”

3. If you want to become proud of your company’s growth, practice humility.

“Humility is not putting yourself down; it's understanding that piece that you are good at, which could be 5% of the business. And then looking at the other 95% and say, ‘Who do I need to bring on with those skills?’ I takes a crazy ego to think you can do it all. But when you bring in that supporting cast that can do it with you, then not only is the business going to take off, but you're not going to get worn out thinking that you've got to do it all.”

4. If you want to diffuse conflict, confront it.

“Most teams don't do conflict; they avoid it. And they think that because they avoid conflict, they all get along well. But really, what you're doing is building up tension because things aren't being discussed to move the business in the right direction.”

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