4 Takeaways on Becoming a Visionary Leader
12 / 14 / 21

4 Takeaways on Becoming a Visionary Leader

On Episode 22 of The 3 Wins Podcast, Russ speaks with Phil Nicaud, CEO at Legendary Leadership Consultants, a management consulting firm located just north of New Orleans.

Phil is also the author of the book, “Our Secret Life: Lead an Authentic, Confident, Fearless Life by Creating Your Unique Character Code.” Check it out here.

After serving in the United States Marine Corps, Phil founded multiple businesses in a variety of industries, including hospitality and real estate. Additionally, he has served as the chairman of municipal, non-governmental, and non-profit boards.

As a chief strategist at Legendary, he has coached hundreds of top-level leaders across America. His varied background allows him to speak with authority into the many different industries he coaches clients in. He leads his clients through a unique planning process that gives them a huge advantage in reaching their potential in every area of life.

And you'll get a taste of Phil's process in this episode of The 3 Wins Podcast.

So, how can you craft a compelling vision - and rally your team around it?

Watch the full episode here. And below are four significant highlights from our conversation for easy reference.

(Watch Episode 22)

1. The perils of living someone else’s vision for your life.

“The worst existence I can imagine is to live somebody else's vision for my life—to live somebody else's dream for my life. I can't tell you how many people that I've met who are extremely talented, extremely gifted, and they’re hamstrung by their father's dream for them.”

2. The most powerful instrument of influence is a compelling vision.

“[Vision] is the one area that nobody else can really define because nobody else carries the risk-reward factor. Nobody else is losing their house when everything goes wrong. So, if you're a founder or a CEO with a stake in the game, nobody else is getting a capital call, but you're really the only one who can communicate clearly where the organization is going.”

3. The importance of understanding your role in the marketplace.

“I had this revelation about 10 years ago where I really understood my role in the marketplace. I’m not King Arthur, I'm Lancelot. I'm not Luke Skywalker, I'm Yoda. I literally was born to protect the king. Even in the Marine Corps, I was personal protection for an army Colonel while we were in Haiti. And then I saw that pattern play out all along. I'm the friend of the king, the trusted advisor.”

4. Defining humility as: “To hold power in the service of others.”

I was thinking about this. Great. There's a great pastor out of Australia [John Dickson] who wrote a book called ‘Humilitas,’ and it's a book written on the virtue of humility. It's really powerful. He defines humility as ‘to hold power in the service of others.’ So many times business owners get themselves in trouble because they can. And the reality is, is if their mind is on their clients, their team members, their employees, they'll hold that power in the service of others.”

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About the Author: Russell Clemmer is president of Legacy Advisory Partners, an Atlanta, Georgia-based financial services firm that believes that the key to unlocking your company’s full growth potential can be found in The 3 Wins Framework.

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