At Legacy Advisory Partners, our goal is to be your partner for all your financial planning and advisory needs. We serve business leaders, shareholders, and individuals in all areas of financial planning, including:

Executive Benefits:

  • Plan Review/Design
  • 409a Regulation & Compliance
  • Corporate-Owned Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Incentive Planning
  • Deferred Compensation Planning
  • Disability Income Protection
  • Executive Life Insurance

Retirement Planning:

  • Defined Contribution Planning
  • Investment Due Diligence
  • Co-Fiduciary 3(21), 3(38)
  • Plan Fee Benchmarking
  • Plan Management
  • Defined Benefit Planning
  • 401(K) And 403(B)

Business Growth and Owner Transition:

Our approach to helping companies is to design a framework that supports the Shareholder Win, Corporate Win, and Key-Leader Win (The 3 Wins).

  • For the Shareholder:
    • Short-Term Transition Planning
    • Life & Disability Insurance
    • Long-Term Transition Planning
    • Financial Planning
    • Investment Advisory
    • Wealth & Estate Planning
  • For the Corporation:
    • 5-Year Growth Model
    • Financial Metrics Review
    • Profitability Review
    • EBIT Budgeting
    • Capital Management Strategy
    • Long-Term Incentive Planning
  • For the Key Leaders:
    • Personal Budgeting
    • Financial Planning
    • Investment Advisory
    • Wealth Management
    • Leadership Development

Executive Wealth Management:

  • Personal Budgeting 
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Advisory
  • Life & Disability Insurance
  • Wealth & Estate Planning


Legacy’s formula is designed to help you achieve multidimensional wellness from a personal standpoint all the way through to the success of the organization - creating what we call, “The Collaboration Effect on Profits.”

In order to produce exceptional value for our clients, we’ve organized our services into segments based on three professional personas, each in need of their own areas of strength and strategy. Most often woven together, these segments inspire us to work across specialties to deliver exceptional solutions in all areas of Financial Planning. For a more detailed explanation of each of our offerings, check out our services page.