Our process will help you explore the Why, the What and the How of your business. We’ll introduce you to the 3 Building Blocks every company must focus on to bring forth genuine, ongoing transformation that lays the strong foundation required to achieve sustainable success.

So how does all this fit together?

(Why + 8 + 4) = A Blueprint for Storied Leadership Teams

The Why

The process begins by the leader bringing clarity to what that direction should be – your why. The Why is the inspiration—the pursuit of a “Holy Grail” that launched (and continues to drive) your company’s story.

The “Great 8” Leadership Virtues

The “Great 8” leadership virtues serve as your guide showing you and your team How to become the caliber of leaders capable of “slaying the dragons” that stand in the way of your company’s Why.

Virtues Personal Outcomes Business Outcomes Vices
Humility Greater Influence Collaboration Egotism
Empathy Perspective Customer Connection Busyness
Attentiveness Productivity Execution Distraction
Accountability Wisdom Sustainable Performance Greed
Acceptance Maturity Team Transformation Anger
Integrity Transparency Credibility Dishonesty
Peacemaking Authenticity Stronger Team Territorialism
Courage Faith Effective Change Management Fear

The “Big 4” Business Questions

The “Big 4” business questions help you focus on What you should do now on the journey to ensure you stay on track. When answered, you will uncover specific strategies for how to apply the virtues to produce amazing results for your company.

When you put all three “building blocks” together, you create storied leadership teams that transform the entire culture in a way that gives your company the competitive advantage.

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